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22nd February 2006
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Almost ...
It was busy here yesterday afternoon! Not only did Monsieur Trichard turn up as arranged, we also saw :
Two tilers - who repaired the damaged tiles in the WC, the floor where the water supply now enters the house, and replaced the two tiles that had been broken and bodged up behind the loo in the bathroom. They were most complimentary about my tiling and offered me a job starting next Monday!
Also two plasterers - who gave the half-height wall in the kitchen a second coat, and improved the joints in the garage but sniffed at the idea of sanding the vaulted ceiling, muttering they don't normally do that. A call to their boss confirmed that he had promised that task would be done and it was arranged someone would come on Saturday to do that and stick up some wood beading between beams and ceiling boards.
Also came Monsieur Raynaud, the chap doing the groundworks. We like him, he's a reliable chap with a good sense of humour. There was a lengthy discussion about how to connect our drains to the brand new mains drainage system. They suggested digging a trench along the downhill side of the gte, but when they started making chopping gestures on the branches of our walnut foot went down with a resounding 'Non!'. So then they established the current route of the gte's waste water and decided to
We'd thought M. Trichard wanted us to accept 'delivery' of the house at this meeting, meaning that the contract was fulfilled, which would have dispensed with his responsibility. But we don't consider it finished yet. So we brought in Christelle, who's French and multi-lingual, to make sure both sides were well understood. Of 15 items of work still to be done, 5 have now been crossed off the list, but we still need the electrician/plumber to come back and fix the water heater and finish several tasks.
At the end of the day M. Trichard almost made another appointment for this 'delivery' date, but then said he'd ring us when he'd checked his office diary. Hmmmmm. Well, the longer he delays, the more they'll owe us in late penalties.
They've almost finished the village's new water treatment system.
Surrounded by his piano keyboard, mixers, microphones and guitars, boxes and leads, pedals and assorted kit.... now there's a happy man!
He did, however fit a lock on the studio door for us. So now that it's secure, Tony's music equipment has started to move in!
use the same route, thereby avoiding having to disturb the trees, or dig up the road with all the permissions and delays that would involve. That'll involve installing a macerator and pump near the new house, but that's alright with us. The only down-side is that Monsieur Raynaud can't do this work for another 2 weeks at least, and he'll have to leave the backfilling (moving the mountains of earth) until the soil's dried out..... which could be a while yet.
Latest news! 'Delivery' is arranged for Tuesday 28th Feb!