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21st February 2006
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Waiting and Water
During the last week, we phoned Monsieur Trichard at Maison Provinciale and left a message for him to call us back, four times. Eventually on Friday at 5pm he rang us and arranged to come on site today, Tuesday. No-one's been here in that time to do any of the outstanding work, and now they owe us 37 euros a day in penalties for late delivery - that's 259 euros so far and still counting.
Just outside the front door, the moat is about a foot deep.
Meanwhile we have done some more sanding and painted the first coat on the walls in the lounge and kitchen area.
We've put up a couple of curtain poles and painted some of the furniture, since we can't get on and fit the kitchen until the ceiling and half-height wall are finished.
When we returned from shopping today, Jazzie had found a nice warm place to sleep....
I promise this was not set up!
There has been so much rain lately that the moat has reformed almost entirely around the new house, lapping at the foundations in a worrying manner. We also discovered we have a spring, where water seeps up where the hornbeam tree used to be, and trickles prettily downhill to the large puddles by the pool. An entirely new stream has also formed in the next field.....
Spring !
Of course, if we'd had some drainage put in by now, it wouldn't be such a worry.
It's a year ago today that we signed the final contract. Why isn't it finished ?!?!