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14th February 2006
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Exterior Painting
Although we arranged to do interior painting ourselves, the exterior woodwork is covered under the contract with Maison Provinciale. The three chaps, again Turks we think, have treated the shutters, front door, garage doors, soffits and assorted bits of timber in a dark oak satin-finish lacquer. It says in the spec they do 2 coats, so perhaps they'll be back in a day or two for the second coat. It's a great improvement on the orange primer!
So, are we being unreasonable in not accepting this? The tap fitting has been buried in the wall so can never be replaced, he bodged two attempts at making a hole for the pipe and the filler is a different colour.
This is right by the front door and it just won't do!
Rover hopes to raise the standard of French driving...
Mmmm, lovely colour!
Well, today's the promised delivery date, when the house is supposed to be finished.

Monsieur Trichard has still not
phoned to arrange a handover date in spite of two messages left at the office.

There are still jobs to be done before it's habitable: mainly hot water, the rest of the plastering, and some drainage would be nice.

While we were out today, at least someone's been and cleaned up the beams in the living room - that's better.