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13th February 2006
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In spite of the list of jobs still to do, we had only an hour's work all last week. The two happy chaps came on Friday to fit the two lengths of guttering that were needed after the roof problem was fixed. We rang Maison Provinciale and left a message but Monsieur Trichard didn't call back, again. It's lovely weather for painting the shutters, but yet another week has been wasted. It's all supposed to be finished tomorrow. It is just exasperating.
It's a good job the DIY'ers are doing something.
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Towels perfectly folded la Anthea Turner!
Howzat?! Not a bad job for an amateur.
Tony's fitted the matching plinths around the bedrooms, making a lovely neat job of it. Little brackets are screwed to the bottom of the plaster board, then the plinths are just pushed down onto them.
Next, we made rails and shelves inside the wardrobes, using the wood and fittings we bought last week in Poitiers.
Now we've finished waving lengths of wood around, Tony's put up the new glass light fitting.
These really are finishing jobs, but they're only in the bedrooms. The walls and ceiling in the living room & kitchen are still unpainted, waiting for the
elusive plasterers to return.
Lovely light!