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8th February 2006
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Wood Floors
Last Friday 6 of the 15 remaining tasks, and 4 of the 7 jobs to be redone, have been achieved. But as Maison Provinciale have less than a week until their 'guaranteed delivery date', I would have expected someone to be here this week. Wednesday so far, and nothing has happened.
Except by ourselves, that is. Over the weekend we laid the 8mm light oak veneered laminate flooring in both bedrooms.
It's hard on the knees, the back and the legs, but the planks are easy to clip together and without many obstacles to cut around, they go down fast. Look, no glue! Plastic wedges are used to leave a gap of 10mm all round to allow for expansion, and the planks are laid on a plastic-backed foam underlay, trimmed to fit.
The last plank in the guest room.
In bedroom 1 we started at the French doors.
The flooring continues into the wardrobes.