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4th February 2006
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Return of the Plumber
The freshly painted dining room.
The electrically- operated shutters are working now... and now the up-switch makes it go up, and the down-switch makes it go down, after M. Trichard adjusted it.
The plan is: next week the exterior painting will be done and M. Trichard will make an appointment to return at the start of the week after. That'll be the 14th February, our completion date. If it's not finished by then, they have to pay us a penalty of 37 euros a day, by law, so even if they do leave it to the last minute, we expect it will be finished by then.
The electrician/plumber wasn't happy, and said he couldn't do it better, given that the pipes came up where they did, but he did straighten the copper pipes behind the bidet. Better, I suppose.
In the loo, they've taken out the ugly horizontal pipe and filled the hole in the wall, and replaced the copper pipe that had been bent to go around it. This is better too, although will still benefit from having a box or under-sink cupboard built around the remaining pipes.
He's also cut away some filler and cut the second copper pipe lower down. The tiler will come back to replace that tile, we're told. Then we will repaint the walls where they've been damaged, filled and smeared with mastic etc.
In the guest room/ study, I painted the door in 'ravish' on impulse. This colour is intended for the old metal filing cabinet destined for this room.
The integral vacuum cleaner seems to work. It's turned on by sliding the sleeve up & down rapidly, like charging a pump-action shotgun. What will they think of next?
They drilled a large hole through the outer wall and inserted the water supply pipe. Another essential task achieved.