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28th January 2006
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Remember at the end of November I mentioned that the village drainage system was scheduled to be installed at the start of January? Well, we heard from various sources that it would be the second week of January, then the 15th, then the 23rd..... finally
Yesterday a digger started excavations in the field on the other side of the road from our house, further down the hill. There are stakes in the ground and piles of drainage pipes in the field.
Their works paraphernalia is stacked up in the village and their portaloo and tea-hut have arrived.
We are mightily relieved that they've actually started work, and that we won't need to have a septic tank of our own.
This means the drains can now be laid from our new house out to the road, and the mountains of soil that have gained a disturbing air of permanence in our garden, can finally be used to backfill around the house.
At present the outfall from everyone's septic tanks ends up in this stream at the bottom of the hill. Yuck.