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28th January 2006
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Sliding doors and stuff
Last weekend, we painted the dining room end of the open-plan living/dining/kitchen room. That just leaves the living and kitchen area, the part with the vaulted ceiling, still to be sanded and painted.
To distract ourselves from this frustrating and maddening situation, we went shopping. We spent two full days in Poitiers, buying wood laminate flooring (which filled the car both days) in wide-plank natural oak finish for the bedrooms. And several light fittings, the first curtain pole and a kitchen tap. We also chose and ordered hob, oven, extractor fan, washing machine and dishwasher, tiles for kitchen worktops and walls, and some rather extravagant shower doors. Phew!
While we were out, someone came and installed the wardrobe sliding doors; one in each bedroom and another inside the front door to conceal the water heater and provide a coat cupboard. These come ready for painting, which I promptly did.
They also fitted the internal doors and handles - very nice. So that's 2 of the 15 remaining jobs done.....
Having had absolutely no response to our letter to Maison Provinciale, Tony phoned them on Wednesday and asked for the Managing Director Monsieur Gomez to come out here. We have seen the Site Manager Monsieur Trichard here on site only 4 times in the nine months since the building was started, all those as a result of us requesting his attendance. There are now just two working days left before the 'guaranteed delivery date' and he has not even phoned to tell us when (or if) the remaining work will be done.
When it's dry, it'll be the same colour as the walls.
We've never laid wood flooring before.... but I'm sure we can do it. How hard can it be?
Tony's studio, for some reason, takes shape faster than any other part of the house...! We played the Ikea self-assembly game and made a desk for the recording kit, then rescued the red sofa from our barn where it's lived for the last 18 months. The covers have been washed and have only suffered slightly, from a very considerate mouse which confined it's nibbling to an invisible part underneath. The light track and shiny curtain pole are fixed up too. It's a good job the door locks aren't fitted yet, otherwise the music kit and guitars would be coming in and the rest of the work would be out the window!
There's just one wall in the dining room in 'spearmint', the rest will be in lovely, neutral, creamy ivory, er, parchment, oh, alright, so it's magnolia!
Nice pole!
The internal doors just need a final coat of colour.