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19th January 2006
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Not finished
Last Saturday, we received the penultimate invoice from Maison Provinciale. This brings us up to 95% of the total price to be paid to them, excluding the groundworks which are priced and invoiced separately from Monsieur Raynaud, the chap with the digger. So Maison Provinciale are saying the building work is finished. Ha! We composed and sent a letter today in our best French, listing the 15 tasks that have not yet been done, and 7 more that have been done but not to our satisfaction, with photographs to illustrate the point. Just little things, you know, like water and electricity connection, wardrobe doors, exterior painting......
I am no kind of plumber, but I could have done a better job of connecting up the bidet than this!
The pipe on the left is kinked and would never give a good flow.
Left: Of course it would have been better to conceal the plumbing within the walls, but that didn't happen. This is in the separate WC, and the horizontal waste pipe brings water from the overflow of the waterheater in the next room. Now, couldn't that have been directed through the outside wall instead??

I just know this will annoy me every time I sit on the throne.
Oh, well, we never thought it would be stress-free. Patience....!
This is a frustrating time. They'll have to get a move on to meet the finish date of the end of January, but there's been no-one on site for the last week, and M. Trichard the site manager, who as far as we know hasn't been here since 21st November, hasn't returned our call either.