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13th January 2006
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Fittings & Finishings
Usually the trades are well-defined and separate, but for some reason the electricians are also doing our plumbing. I think electrics are their strength, however.
The enormous mirror has been fixed in the bathroom, with it's downlighters, shaver point and electric socket (compulsory in France!). Very neat.
While we were out all day someone must have come to squirt insulation into the loftspaces. We only knew because of the bits of fibreglass spilled onto the floor. Another step forward.
The sockets have also been fitted for the vacuum cleaner, and the holes filled.
As for the separate loo and washbasin plumbing.... I think we'll have to box in these waste pipes. We're told to leave the wood propping up the hand wash basin until the glue has 'gone off'.
Remember we replaced the roof of the gte in October? Well this week we finally got round to dumping the old fibro-cement-asbestos panels. We hired this truck and took them to a dump in Limoges, most of the 117 km in fog. They weighed 1240 kg and cost us 245 euros (including the truck hire) to dispose of responsibly. Soooo glad to get rid of them!
We are less impressed with the mashing and subsequent filling of my lovely tiles behind the loo. And the plumbing for the bidet... I could have done a neater job myself. Disappointing.
Now there's no more fixing to be done in the studio, Tony and I went in and gave the walls their final, minty fresh coat of paint. Lovely! One room completely finished!