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6th January 2006
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Last month EDF came to give us a new box containing a meter and the gubbins needed for the supply to both houses. On Thursday Monsieur Reynaud brought his son to drive the digger and the two of them made several trenches. It involved digging up the vegetable beds Tony had tended this year, as we knew it would have to, so we quickly harvested our 7 impressive parsnips!
This week the Cat returned, to dig trenches for conduits - for taking electricity, water and telephone cables.
Left, this one runs from the water supply and meter near the road, along the side of the driveway, to behind the garage. It branches off (right) to the electricity box in the front garden of the old house.
Looking from the road. The red conduit takes electricity, the black's for water, the green are for telephone and a provision for electric gates, should we ever have any.
How trusting is that! M. Reynaud in the trench, son at the controls.
As soon as they'd dug the trench for the water supply to the entry point by the front door, it filled with groundwater. We often get a moat around the house when it has been raining....