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27th December 2005
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Christmas 2005
We have deep frosts and a sprinkling of snow, the puddles frozen. There's no activity on site over Christmas and New Year, it's even too cold for us to paint anything. Besides, we want to wait until the men have finished, particularly with installing the vacuum sockets, before we do any more. We are extremely pleased with the rendering - they have done a great job.
Meanwhile, Christmas brings a compulsory break. The lights are
hung out, in competition with
Claude's display next door which
can probably be seen from Limoges!
We have a quiet, relaxed, easy day or
two, watching films and eating too much. Perfect. Friends Lee and Margaret are here in the village for New Year, so we dress up for a giggle and the four of us spend a happy evening at home.
Opening presents
Opening champagne!
New gloves!
Another snooze.