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22nd December 2005
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The front door and curvy bathroom wall.
Work continues to cover the house with custard-coloured render. The chaps arrive before we're awake, sometimes before dawn, and are doing a lovely job. They were enormously pleased to be given a copy of Tony & Rob's latest CD and immediately had it blaring from their van!
The back of the house is done. The final ground level will be above the lower line of the render.
Squirting on the goo.
By Wednesday they've almost finished.
We are very pleased to be at this stage by Christmas. While there is still work to be done, they are mostly finishing jobs and we seem to be well on schedule for a January completion.
They leave the shutters shut to allow the render to dry evenly, and tidy up after themselves before they go. Nice blokes, well done.
Now isn't that better?