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1st December 2005
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Plumbing and heating
In the bathroom the water supply for the shower has been recessed into the wall and the mixer tap fitted. There's no insulation on the floor in this corner so that the shower base can be sunk into this space. It will later be tiled at the same level as the rest of the floor - what they call an Italian shower here.
In the bedrooms we have wall mounted convection heaters instead of electric underfloor heating. They don't tile these rooms either - we will fit wood floors ourselves later.
Our free-gift from Maison Provinciale - a bathroom heater and towel drier - nice!
As the electricians were leaving, having finished for now, a delivery of cement and sand arrived for the tilers to make the screed.
Skips aren't common in France - the men made a bonfire of the plasterboard, conduit, plastic packing and assorted rubbish before they left.