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1st December 2005
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Underfloor heating
Yesterday the plasterers were here before the sun came up; the electricians came too, and between them have done lots. They've finished installing sockets and switches, and made sense of the hundreds of wires in the fusebox. The plasterers have filled in the gap all round the garage ceiling (I never understood why that was there) and built the half-height wall between kitchen and living room, using solid blocks of plaster that slot together, just like Bayko (for those of you old enough to remember that!).
Then the electricians installed our underfloor heating. First they put down the sheets of polystyrene insulation, 70mm thick, over the whole floor area except the garage, with blue foam strips all round the outside edge to allow for expansion and orange tape to hold it in place. Then the electric cables which are already fixed onto the blue webbing are clipped into the insulation.
Here in the kitchen they leave clear the area where the units will be. We designed our kitchen layout months ago so we could give them the dimensions well before they made up the mats.
Living room and dining room
On top of these heating wires goes a layer of screed, which acts as a giant radiator, then ceramic tiles will be laid on top of that.

We also had the men from EDF here today to install a new meter box ready for the supply to the new house. Not only were they polite and efficient, they also tidied up the gravel that their lorry had scuffed up on the drive. Don't you just love the French!
The same in the studio.