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29th November 2005
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Second Fix Electrics
The French electricians came today, so we cleared our painting stuff out of their way. They've converted the ragged holes in the plaster with conduit sticking out of them into lovely neat sockets all nicely lined up and level. Electric sockets, tv, phone, FM, thermostats, fan and light switches everywhere. We now also have lightbulb fittings on the ceilings, connections for the underfloor heating and a doorbell that we weren't expecting. In France the back-boxes are all circular, so it's easy to drill neat holes in the plasterboard for them. Again we are impressed with the quality fittings.
In the corner of the garage the fusebox is mounted on the wall and the masses of cables are connected up to their trip switches, according to the diagram pinned up on the right.
If at first you get it wrong, try again, and again, and finally get it right. To be honest these are messy, need some mug to fill and sand them down to have any chance of being invisible when painted, and are all over the place. Not good.
And speaking of food, every now and then, you just have to make a pizza from raw ingredients!