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23rd November 2005
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So begin many man-hours sanding the walls, by hand and machine, up ladders and crouching in corners, making plaster dust enough to turn your hair white..... and your face and your clothes and probably your insides too.
As moderately competent DIY'ers, we opted to do the internal painting ourselves. This saves us a few thousand euros on the price from Maison Provinciale, and more since we bought all the paint from England last time we went by car. We've never managed to find out why paint is so expensive in France, but it is. So now it's time for us to do some work on the new house.
We'd thought the plasterers would have sanded down their joints before they finished, but no, it seems that's for us to do. On close inspection, it must be said that it's pretty messy in places...
Around the windowframes ...
In the corners...
There's a lot to sand down and some of it's very high up!
This photo of Tony is not out of's just the plaster dust in the air!
and blobbed all over our lovely wood doorframes.