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18th November 2005
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First Frost
One day we're enjoying coffee on the terrace at the Café de la Poste in the warm morning sunshine, then suddenly we have cold crisp frosty mornings and a decidedly chilly wind from the north. Winter, it seems, has arrived.
The seasons here are well defined and accurately forecast. It may be cold but at least it's bright and blue - no S.A.D. here.
9 a.m., the leaves start to tumble from the walnut tree .... and an hour later they're all on
the ground. I've never seen autumn happen so fast before!
We've started to feed sunflower seeds to the birds again and are rewarded with a constant traffic of goldfinches, blue tits, a robin, at least one wren, tree-creepers, and red squirrels.
Plummeting temperatures make us look forward to underfloor heating... just a bit! Our present log-burner is wonderful but it only heats one room. And snow is forecast.... brrrrr!
The pool's winter cover went on just in time. I'll be glad when these mounds of earth are dispersed!
Stop Press! First snow falls 25th Nov.!