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26th October 2005
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Interior walls 2
Having fitted the rails all round the block walls (except in the garage where there won't be any plasterboard), they mark out the interior partition walls with blue chalk lines on the floor and ceiling. Then they fix down lengths of timber with strips of plastic underneath, directly into the concrete floor. Now we can see the shape and size of each room.
Between the garage and living room, a wide aluminium rail is fitted for building a wall onto. This wall must be insulated, fireproof and soundproof as it separates garage from living space. It's been a mystery to us why they went to such trouble to cast a concrete post and beam above here, on top of which there are blocks built up to the roof, when it would seem easier to just build a block wall from floor to roof. Perhaps all will become clear in time!
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 1
WC & basin
Cupboard for coats and water heater
That's all the 'plaquists' (plasterboarders) can do for now. They tell us four times that the electrician will come on Thursday, after which they'll return to make walls. Thursday comes and goes, but the electrician doesn't. Ho hum.
And despite the promise of 'this week', no-one's turned up yet to solve the
Roof Problem.
There are now just 13 weeks until the house will be finished....
If it isn't done by the end of January, there's a penalty to pay, so says the contract.