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19th October 2005
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On Monday men arrived to start on the ceilings and interior partition walls. They fixed aluminium strips from the beams and then attached rails to them, to give us a suspended ceiling. This is done in all parts of the house except for the 'grand volume' over living room and kitchen.
The plasterboard sheets are screwed into the rails, using a natty rig to raise the boards to the ceiling. The sheet is placed on top then the telescopic central 'leg' is wound upwards by this handle.
Then they started on the walls, fixing rails about a metre up from the floor. At the inside corners, they've extended these rails a few centimetres. We're not sure why, but I expect we'll soon find out.
The rail also runs round the curve of the bathroom wall.
After just two days the ceilings are in place, changing the feel of the inside dramatically.
<--dining room sliding door
recess in bedroom 2