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12th October 2005
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Just as the windows, doors and shutters that have been standing in front of the house since 6th of September are installed, an early delivery brings insulation, plasterboard and rails for internal walls, and two loft hatches to take their place.
Within a day, all the windows and doors are fixed in place, standing on the inside edge of the sills, screwed to the blockwork with brackets and edged with sealant. This leaves external ledges wide enough for a window-box of geraniums...
You might think it's a big step up to the doors... but the earth will be banked up half a metre when they've finished. The blue is temporary protective film on the uPVC. We would've preferred solid wood, but we came here for a simple life.
The sliding door at the back
Wooden garage doors concertina to open. They may end up less orange..!
We don't remember choosing the ironwork, but we like it.... lovely knocker!
Windows for Bed2, Dining & kitchen.