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6th October 2005
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Floor slab
Early on Thursday the four Turkish mašons were busily adding two external conduits for water and electricity for the pool, and laying internal conduits to be buried in the concrete slab, when the huge concrete lorry arrived with the first of two deliveries.
The long conveyor belt was poked first into the studio, then through the garage doorway to deliver the concrete inside, where they shovelled, barrowed and raked it out.
The garage floor was smoothed as it will be the final surface, the rest was left level but rough.
By the end of their last day on site, the Turks left a sea of wet concrete. They've worked so hard on our project, have always been polite and have been a pleasure to have around. Thank you, men!
On the same day, Monsieur Trichard had summoned the carpenters who'd caused the problem with the roof. We stayed out of earshot while he explained to them the error of their ways....
The next job is to fit the windows and doors - next Wednesday we're told. At last it's progressing!