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4th October 2005
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Meanwhile, the season has changed. The trees are heavy with fruit - pears, apples and quince just beyond our fence. The walnuts on our tree have started to split open and drop to the ground where two beautiful red squirrels come most mornings to bury some and take others away. We've made jam with melons, damsons, apples and grapes with plenty to give away.
We've harvested several fine pumpkins from the plants that grew from seeds in the compost. Makes fab soup!
Many magic mushrooms in the garden.
Our next year's supply of walnuts.
It's a bumper year for quince - 'coing' in French, we've learned.
Autumn colour in Virginia creeper and solanum by the terrace.
Diplodemia and fuchsia
The Limousin's greenery is just starting to turn yellow and orange; it's going to be as stunning as the sunsets very soon.