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29th September 2005
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September's almost over when the Turkish builders return for two days. In preparation for the floor slab, they've laid pipes into the stone chippings, for waste water and the integral vacuum cleaner.
There's also conduit passing through the wall at the back of the garage for electricity in and out, and two phone lines.
Although they haven't included a physical damp-proof course, i.e. a plastic barrier laid in the blockwork, one of them brushed on a mix that looks like wet cement all round the house a metre up from the foundation.... we expect it's a damp deterrent, but thus far it's another mystery to us!
They finished off the blockwork at the lounge french-door opening where they had made a temporary ramp for access, and tidied up the edges of all the door and window openings. Precast concrete sills arrived and were set in place.
It seemed the end fittings for the vacuum pipe were the wrong size, so they made a little bonfire, warmed the end of the pipe and customised it to fit. Hmm, resourceful.
There will be an outlet in each room connected to the central vacuum machine at the back of the garage.
The windows are still waiting...