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25th September 2005
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But wait.... what's going on here? Now that the tiles are on, a problem has emerged, and it's a big one.
As seen from directly in front of the front door, the roof does not entirely cover the curvy wall of the bathroom.
How it should be....
How it is....
The men who put up the roof trusses appear to have put the one that should have been over the left-hand edge of the wall, over the right-hand edge of the wall instead. And to get it to fit around the blocks above the lintel, the truss is bent and split. What amazes me is that, not only did they leave it like that, but that the tilers, the gutter-fixers and the men who added the soffits all, as far as we know, failed to notice or report the problem.
So we have written to Maison Provinciale by recorded post, pointing out the problem and suggesting the site manager gets out here to get it sorted. We haven't seen him on site since the house was knee-high, and we feel he should have been checking the work.
At first we thought the wall had been built too far to the left, giving the horrible prospect of having to demolish and rebuild the curvy wall. But after comparing actual measurements to the plans we discovered the wall is right but the higher part of the roof does not extend far enough to the left, leaving a triangular section of the top of the curvy wall exposed to the rain.
The likely solution is to take off the tiles, the aluminium flashing, the gutters and the wood panels, add another truss where it should be, then extend the roof and replace all these things.
We predict a stormy week ahead....
Exposed top of curvy wall
It beggars belief that they thought this was acceptable.
How to get around a problem...?