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25th September 2005
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You might wonder why nothing's been added to this tale for three weeks... it's because there's been a distinct lack of activity on site. So far during September we have seen only two half-days' work. The first was when the guttering was fitted then a week later two chaps arrived and fitted tongue-and-groove timber as soffits and the ceiling of the covered porch at the back.
Life goes on
What a waste of good building time, in fine late-summer weather. There remains only 4 months until the completion date and there's a lot left to be done. If Maison Provinciale fail to finish on time, they have to start paying us a penalty so you'd think work would be progressing faster than this. It's very frustrating, but it seems we are being unreasonably impatient.
Meanwhile, we have enjoyed the blue skies and hot days of September, and have continued to swim in our fabulous pool almost every day. The water temperature's now down to a refreshing 22 degrees, which means you get in and swim instead of lolling about on an airbed, but it is still a real pleasure.
We're planning to replace the leaky roof on the old house (that we are living in now) with our builder friend Matt and our help. After a breakfast meeting with him to discuss the plan, by (his!) good fortune a load of logs were delivered so we mucked in to help barrow the wood through his house to his woodstore in the back garden.
Although our new house comes with a fully fitted bathroom, it's down to us to put in the kitchen. We shared an Ikea delivery (and delivery charge) with Lee and Margaret here in the village, and since work commitments mean they can't get back here till December, I volunteered us to put together their flat-pack furniture. What joy! At least it was until we found we had the right covers for the wrong sofa....
The floral displays in every town have been magnificent this summer.
Last Tuesday, another gorgeous day, we decided to check out Rochechouart, having seen it on a 'Place in the Sun' re-run the evening before.
One enormous château, an impressive church with a twisted spire and a gentle stroll through the town, followed by lunch in our favourite crèperie in nearby St.Junien where we followed a cageful of pacing lions being driven around to advertise the arrival of the Cirque de Paris..... A fine day out.