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27th August 2005
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The Pool
Jacqueline came over for the afternoon and stayed in the pool till she was shivering. Later she and Tony wrote and played their first song together. Great fun.
The easiest way to vacuum the bottom is to put on mask and snorkel so you can get your head underwater to see the bits and bugs.
The house still looks like this, no change. But a man in a van arrived several days ago, to measure up for the roof. He's coming back next week, he said. We also heard that AGF, who hold our funds for the stage payments, admitted they'd paid the last payment twice. But there's no need to refund it because Maison Provinciale say they expect to be requesting the next stage payment at the end of next week.... which means they expect the roof, windows and doors to be completed by then... sounds hopeful!
Meanwhile there's produce to process... melon marmalade, melon & pineapple jam, cucumber soup, roasted tomatoes, stuffed courgettes... we're certainly eating well.
This sprouted from seeds in the compost. We think it's a pumpkin.
The melons came from last weekend's Melon Fair and Donkey Festival in Mezières!