Limousin Living
Living and Building a home in the heart of France
23rd August 2005
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The Pool
To avoid shower water running downslope in the dirt, Tony dug a soakaway and topped it with a metre-long drain.
The pump sends filtered water back to the pool past valves in this box. From here it can be diverted through the solar heating pipes, about to be installed. It always starts with mud.
First we topped up the soil and raked it out on the slope facing away from the house. We set decking boards to contain the heating pipes, with the manifolds at each end. These are plastic pipes with eighty tubes for attaching hosepipes.
The decking boards were fixed to the soil with wooden pegs. Then we laid a mat on the soil, using leftover pieces of the mat on the bottom of the pool under the liner. This acts as a weed- suppressor.
The black hose is cut to length and glued onto the pipes of the manifold. Tedious and difficult.
Jazzie can't quite work out what the pool is for... !