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17th August 2005
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Nuit du Musée Imaginaire
As part of a Nights of History Festival, the town staged displays of famous paintings, posed by local people in tableaux along the old streets of Le Dorat, in doorways and gardens, with stagelights and music.
Madame Cézanne au jardin, by Paul Cézanne, 1880
La Liberté guidant le peuple, by Delacroix
L'adoration des bergers, by Georges de la Tour, 1644
L'Écouteuse by Nicolas Maes, 1656
Marat by David, 1793
Le sieste, by Van Gogh 1890
These are just a few of the tableaux.
They were brilliant!
Pictures of the original paintings were displayed in the church with a competition to identify them.
Tony observed that, in the original, she had 'er top off.
The listener eavesdrops on the upstairs conversation.