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12th July 2005
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The Pool Terrace
Our original plan for a terrace all round the pool has diminished somewhat after working out the costs... and will now be just 6 by 2.5 metres around the steps!
First we dig a foundation...
Then lay three rows of blocks in order to contain the crushed stone.
It sounds easy when you say it quickly like that! It actually involved a lot of hard work, digging, mixing concrete, humping heavy blocks about, shifting soil and raking out five cubic metres of stone! Grateful thanks to Lee for help with that!
Well, next we cast a ring of concrete on top of those pillars, all round the pool and steps, by backfilling soil up to the top of the pillars, shuttering with plywood and polystyrene before pouring in barrowloads of concrete.
Remember we built block pillars standing on concrete bases earlier?
Pillar ->
This ring provides a strong support for the 'margelles' - the shaped coping stone slabs to be laid round the edge of the pool.