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21st June 2005
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Another load of stone, this time delivered directly into the middle of the house. Then early on 21st June a huge truck arrives with wood - roof trusses, beams and assorted timber. A little premature, we thought, as the house isn't up to knee level yet, but we helped unload it anyway.
M.Trichard the site manager came to reassure us on Friday 24th June and promised us men on Monday. Well, only one day late, the van rolled up blaring Turkish music, they opened the doors and out tumbled six, yes six, merry 'mašons'. With so many hands, the blocks shot up.
Inside of the curvy bathroom wall. The posts and string are for making the curve, we guess.
By Wednesday, the blocks are 15 rows up, the height of the ceiling, at the bedroom end.
This is how it looked at the end of Tuesday..
28th June 2005