Limousin Living
Living and Building a home in the heart of France
23rd May 2005
The Pool
Did I mention we're making a pool? From a DIY kit, with the help of David, our friend here in the village. Excavation for it was included in the groundworks for the house and last Friday the Cat carefully carved out the hard earth, not hitting rock as we'd half expected. We are advised the top of the pool has to be 50cm higher than grass-level, to avoid surface water draining into the pool, so the excavation is about a metre deep. Although it sticks out of the ground for now, the edges will be 'tellytubbied' up to the terrace around the pool. The view from the pool is gorgeous.
Tuesday, and it's a hot sunny day... for digging holes. The braces are bolted on and holes dug beneath for anchoring them in concrete.
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