Limousin Living
Living and Building a home in the heart of France
We thought we had a big sky and a great view before....
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OK, now we're ready for the builders to start. It has been hard to be patient - it's now 6 months since we signed the contract, and 2 months since our first stage payment. Then on 12th May we hear from M. Trichard who said "demain matin" and the next day a Caterpillar digger rumbles up the road and begins.
First the Cat claws a gap in the hedge, reverses up the slope, then scoops out the new access.
13th May 2005
As soon as he starts, the rain pours down - after an hour he can't get the digger out of the hole he's just dug, so work adjourns until Monday, leaving us with a large muddy hole and a small mountain of earth.
Next the excavation for the foundation of the house.
Sunday 6pm - another big Cat rumbles onto site, ready for tomorrow. The two chaps lock it before they go, perhaps for the best, eh?
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