Limousin Living
Living and Building a home in the heart of France
After waiting impatiently for 2 months, suddenly it's all happening.
First a phone call from M. Trichard, the site manager, on 13th April. The next day, a site visit from him, M. Raynaud the chap who will do the groundworks, plus M. Moreno and M. Bouzignac from Art Côté Jardin who will cut the trees. Tony's had to go to England for a few days (sadly, for a funeral) so there was me and four French chaps on the site, seeing what had to be done.
Early the next morning the four tree-fellers arrived and began.....
And down goes the hornbeam - I shed a tear over that.
A few slices with a whirring chainsaw...
Then the five enormously tall poplars.....
15th April 2005
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