Living and Building a home in the heart of France
The Floorplan
As it should be, the layout of the house was determined by the site - the orientation, the best views, the best use of space, and to place the music studio as far from the living area as possible! The three bedrooms in the builders' original plan were made into two larger ones, and a French door added to the master bedroom, for stepping out for coffee on the terrace in the early morning sunshine.
At Maison Provinciale's showhome in Limoges, the living room has a 'grand volume' - a cathedral ceiling with exposed beams and lined with wood panels, giving a sense of space. It was the promise of this feature in our new house that convinced us to go with Maison Provinciale.
I love the curvy wall of the bathroom, with it's Italian shower (tiled base with drain, no partition walls) and all tiled in blue and champagne.
The kitchen is divided from the living room by a half height wall, making it one big open space. Underfloor heating, wood floors in the bedrooms, tiled floors in all others and enough space at the back of the garage for a utility area and wine store! Sliding doors out to a covered area at the back for breakfast in the early morning sun.
Overall sizes:
17.93 metres by 10.28 metres, of which 109.28 square metres are habitable (i.e. excluding garage.)
The front door from the 'salon sejour' living room, at the bottom of this plan, faces south-west towards the best views and overlooking the pool.
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