Limousin Living
Living and Building a home in the heart of France
Location and vision
The artist's impression!!
So this is where the new house will be built. We intend to preserve the bountiful walnut tree currently propped up, on the left. Sadly the magnificent hornbeam at the right will have to be felled. Luckily there are more trees in the Limousin than you can shake a stick at and we will add more.
And believe it or not, the pool will be here.
With my greatest regrets, the five poplars will have to go. Our tree expert says they're not indigenous to the Limousin and are liable to fall in such shallow soil. They already lean toward the site of the new house. We'll replant with more appropriate trees, I promise.
OK, so it's winter, it's never going to look fantastic until the sun shines, the trees leaf up and we have a chance to make a garden out of a field. That's why we need Vision! We have the location - an acre on the edge of a tiny village in peaceful beautiful Limousin in the heart of France.
So this is what we're aiming at. One-level living with terracotta tiled split-level roof, creamy render, lots of French windows and wooden shutters.
It'll be set back from the road, facing south-
west over fields and woods across the valley.
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