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Birthday Boy
2nd January 2013
For months now, Tony has been using his impending big-six-oh birthday as an excuse... ("I'm nearly 60, y'know!"). Well, now he is.

It's hard to believe it ... whoever could imagine themselves at the age of 60? Perhaps looking a little battered by the excesses of Christmas and the cruelties of winter, but he really doesn't look bad for his age!

Looks very good, in fact, especially in his new birthday shirt.
As a special treat, he got to cut down a tree. This old damson tree barely fruits, leans close to the wires, is throttled by ivy and really doesn't look very attractive at the end of our drive.
So while Lee's here with his trusty new chain saw, he and Margaret came down to help us give it the chop. A cord was tied half way up the trunk, so we could pull it in the right direction.
Timberrrr! It whumped down across the drive rather than the road, luckily, only taking down a few twigs from the tree on the other side and rearranging the wire fence slightly. We stripped off the strangling ivy, and Lee cut the tree into logs for the woodpile. The twiggy bits and ivy got hauled down to the fire pit, making an almighty pile of wood now waiting to be burned (when the pond has reverted to being a fire pit, that is).
The stump got trimmed neatly; now it's a gnome pedestal.