Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
27th December 2012
The little stream at the bottom of the hill, just down the lane from our hamlet, usually looks like this (see left). But after 24 hours of pelting rain, it turned into this raging torrent. I've never seen it like this.

The bigger rivers broke their banks, the ditches filled and the ground squelched wetly.
But then there's enough space here not to build on flood plains, so no-one's house got flooded.
Our 10-metre high bay tree, like every bay tree in the Limousin, turned brown and crispy during last winter's severe weather. We left it and it started to regrow new green leaves. Now Tony and Lee trimmed it, cutting out the dead branches and leaves.
The chain saw buzzed, the loppers lopped and what remains is a group of branches just 2 metres high, but covered in green bay leaves and little buds. I'm sure it'll be better for it, given a little time to regrow.
New Year's Eve
dinner at home with Lee and Margaret.
They Skype'd the family on the new Christmas iPad, and after dinner, we had an early night. No fireworks, no Auld Lang Syne, just a good long sleep. Ahhhh.
Not being inclined to party out the old year, we had a quiet