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Christmas 2012
25th December 2012
We spent Christmas at home, just the two of us. Getting up late, opening presents, watching some really good films on the telly, and making a lovely Christmas roast dinner about 4 in the afternoon.

Tony bought me a fab new camera, so my old one whose zoom seldom worked and whose screen was so scratched it involved a lot of guesswork in framing a shot, could retire gracefully.
The weather improved slightly on Boxing Day, but then the rain started... and continued to fall steadily and hard and heavy. The water table
Most of our other presents were edible, or involved in the consumption of food! Marvellous.

The weather was pretty awful, so the traditional walk was postponed, giving the perfect excuse to sprawl on the sofa and enjoy the televisual entertainment.
My new camera a Panasonic Lumix DMC SZ1 in case you want to know, has a much better zoom.... It does close-up, even closer-up and way-too-close-up. And movies with sound. Lots of play value there!
Nigel Slater's nut roast was accompanied by homegrown parsnip, garlic and butternut squash, carrots and celeriac with onion gravy. And roasties of course. And crackers and silly hats.
broke the surface of the land, leaving our lawn semi-submerged and a moat around our house. After paddling to the dustbin we started thinking seriously about sandbags... and we live on a hill! New streams formed in the fields, and our foot-deep fire pit was transformed into a pretty garden pond!