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The End of the World Party
21st December 2012
To mark the End of the World, or at least the Mayan long calendar, when we half-expected to be fried in a solar flare, or crashed into by Nibiru, or in some way suffer the Apocalypse, we had our own Doomsday Dinner, surrounded by friends and doing what we like to do best on our last day on Earth... eat. And drink wine. And laugh.
I made a bauble specially. A little Earth that we're celebrating the End of.

It's remarkably difficult capturing accurately the form of our blue marble, in three curving dimensions with bits of torn paper.
We had fennel and lemon risotto balls with beetroot and rocket, roasted butternut squash jalousie with roasted potatoes (the best I've ever made, though I say so myself), celeriac puree, carrots and broccoli and a rich wine sauce, a platter of cheeses and to finish a dessert of clementine and Cointreau semi fredos, chocolate Yule log and vanilla mascarpone. Coffee and chocolates. Wine. mmm.
From the left: Colin, Jill, Tony, Polly, and David.

We all dressed up in our posh frocks as we don't have many occasions to do so.
It was a fabulous, fantastic, fun filled evening.

And amazingly, the world did not end.

So we went for a walk next day to give thanks for the lovely place we live in.
That's our place, centre of the picture. Not bad, even in the depths of winter.
Tony made a playlist for the evening... 'It's the End of the World As We Know It', 'It's the Final Countdown', 'Rapture', 'Stairway to Heaven' .... there's so much choice!