Limousin Living
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12th December 2012
We made a utility area at the back of the garage, with washing machine, sink, overflow fridge and freezer, and racks of stuff that everyone needs but doesn't have house room for. We found we opened the door from the (heated) kitchen into the (unheated and uninsulated) utility area a hundred times a day, for feeding cats, putting stuff in the recycling bins, and the rest. And every time we opened that door, all our expensive warm air rushed out. So we decided to build a wall.
The door comes already hinged and hanging in its frame, making it easy to slot the frame in up against the other wall.
The racks were cleared and shifted out of the way, to make space for the materials.
As always these jobs all start with a delivery ... this time of plasterboard, wood, a door and rolls of insulation.
We decided to revert to wood for the frame, instead of the metal rails we'd used before. It's a bit more forgiving, and easier to work with, and about the same cost in the end. First we screwed down one rail to the concrete floor, then another vertical one to the end wall.
The next step was fixing a short piece of wood above the door, then sliding in a beam at ceiling level supported by the verticals. Then another post against the door frame...
That's 12-12-12 !