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Gâteau Gourmet
1st December 2012
Every trip to Bellac gives the perfect excuse, should one be required, to dive into the pâtisserie for a lovely cup of coffee and a treat. Usually that's a buttery croissant, but this time the display of little gâteaux was just too tempting. So we chose this work of art, and asked for two teaspoons.
On the crispy biscuity base was a layer of salted caramel, topped with a light chocolate mousse, with a poured coat of icing, decorated with choccy lines, a macaroon and a crispy square wafer biscuit. We devoured it slowly, with much ooooh'ing, and mmmmm'ing and then I unashamedly licked the saucer clean while no-one was watching. Small pleasures. No, actually huge pleasure in a small thing. We should do this more often.
The new Bond film was on at Le Dorat's cinema. To get in the mood before the film, we went to Polly and Colin's for martinis, shaken... ah you know the rest...
Dressed up for the occasion, 008 (a.k.a. Colin) and Pussy Galore (that'll be Polly then!).
We trooped over to the cinema and along with an almost-full house we enjoyed the film a lot. In English, not even with subtitles this time. A great occasion, although a bit of a late finish for those who had to work next day (poor sods).
Tony, master baker, makes bread almost every day. He usually adds seeds, uses the bread machine to do the mixing, then puts the dough into tins for the proving and baking. It makes gorgeous soft bread and later the best toast in living memory.
We've long thought it's a bit mad to send bits of card across the planet, now that we have the wonder of the internet at our fingertips.
Not many cards to make, then!

It's very satisfying. Me, never happier than with card and glue, pretty paper and silvery stickers.
So this year we've scaled down the Christmas card operation, to just those friends and family we can't send greetings to on-line.