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Food Heaven
29th November 2012
A trip to Limoges would not be complete without dipping into the Marché Frais - the Aladdin’s cave of fresh food and deli delights. The range is amazing - I still find strange fruit or vegetables that I've never heard of before. The quality is also quite impressive, with many foods kept cool and moist with a misting spray.
Scotch bonnet chillies... handle with care! Okra, birds eye chillies, peanuts in their pods...
Exotic fruits from all over the globe... kumquats, er, horned melons...rambutans.. and who knows what else.
Where else could you buy a whole, skinned coconut?
Everything looks so fresh. We gave into temptation and bought two types of mushroom, a stripy aubergine, a bunch of watercress, fresh ginger, sun-dried tomatoes and several treats from the shelves of pasta and spices and sauces.

A foodie treasure trove.
For those who know their onions, these look perfect.