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Wintry Outlook
27th November 2012
.. seen through a new lens. Tony's just got a new camera, an early present for his impending Big Birthday, and that means trying out all the features. For a first panoramic pic, it's pretty good. Mind you, the clever camera does most of the work! The view from our house is looking dark and damp at the end of November, the pool clad in winter covering, the pool shower put to bed in the barn. The line of ferns edging our garden are all brown and crispy; since this pic was taken they've been cut down and burned on two swift bonfires.
In Le Dorat, the constant trickle of spring water feeds a deep green puddle in the trough.
In the Collegiale square, for some reason they've cut down the big leafy trees, and replaced them with.... different trees.
Not sure why, (wonder how much that cost...) but at least they're making a nice job of resurfacing the area around them, for shady benches later.

...And the Christmas tree is up!