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Poo Day!
There's nothing quite like poo to make your garden grow! We need fertiliser, and Colin and Polly have piles of the stuff, obligingly produced by their horses, picked and stacked in a pile in their field, left to mature nicely for two years and now ready for distribution!
14th November 2012
Brother Mike's new garden could also do with a little boost on the newly rotovated veggie patch, so he provided the trailer and we went along with manpower to help load it up. We managed to arrive just in time to miss the shovelling work for the first load (not our fault!) but after that was dumped in our garden, we did go back to shovel up some more, this time for Mike.
We didn't make much of a dent in the pile; Colin kept encouraging us to take more! But one trailer-load is enough for our modest needs for this year. What a great source of goodness for the soil, much appreciated, thank you very much!