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Flour Power
The miller, Monsieur Lavaud, came over and ushered us into the mill office, and when he saw my camera invited us to have a tour of the mill. The building is ancient, more than 200 years old, and he is the seventh generation in his family to work the mill. He proudly showed us the massive machinery, the handmade wooden containers, everything covered in fine white flour powder. The grinding machines.... the hopper... the paper sacks strapped in to collect the flour.
7th November 2012
When we arrived at the mill, there was a lorry delivering its load of grain, tipping it slowly into a big hopper. From there it whooshed into a smaller funnel (see right), where it drained through into the gubbins of the mill in a steady stream, like sand flowing through the narrow neck of an hourglass.
The noise of the machinery working was stunning, all powered by the river water flowing over the weir just outside.

Two types of flour were stacked in the mill office, Type 55 and Type 65 (for those who know the difference). We happily bought a 3kg bag of Multicereal flour for making bread, a snip at 3.10 and will be back to try the other two types he offered, Pain de Campagne and plain white.
This shovel appeared to be used for sweeping up spillings and dustings... for wholemeal, presumably?? Just kidding!

What a treat to be shown round the mill by this lovely man!