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Autumn Amble
We'd been told you can buy flour (for our breadmaking) directly from the mill down by the river, just a 15 minute walk from home. So we set off on a walk this lovely day with a haversack.
The river's in full flow after a decent downpour recently, the trees still hanging onto their leaves even into November. We paused on the footbridge to gaze into the water, and continued through the woods along the river bank. Among the leaf litter we found many mushrooms, although we're never tempted to pick any for eating.
7th November 2012
The snowball bush in our garden is glorious in autumn colour.
On the other side of our hamlet is a building site. We think they're making a 'bergerie', a sheep shelter, but it's massive! We expect to see a lot more sheep next year!
The hedgerows are fading, but the berries are fat and juicy.

We walked down past the Donjon, the ruin that used to be a dungeon, down the leafy lane to the river Brame.