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Life in the heart of France
25th October 2012
Pool Maintenance
He took away the tarp/plastic sheeting and the wooden rails we'd used to keep the pipes in place.
A few sunny days, and we decided to take the chance of a final swim. It was, er, refreshing. Just on the minimum required to avoid exposure and icing up of tender body parts - 20C - we descended into the water slowly, allowing blood vessels to dive deeper and goosebumps to rise vigorously. Getting the shoulders wet was breathtaking, but after a minute or so it starts to become invigorating and even enjoyable. Honest!

A couple of days later the first frosts turned the basil to black shreds, and the temperature of the pool down to 14C. Beyond any hope of another dip this year, Tony dismantles the pool heating pipes. They'd got into quite a mess with weeds growing through, and leaks springing up.
Then he constructed a frame 8.5 metres by 1.8 metres, fixing the top edge to the edge of the pool coping stones. He dug holes and concreted the supporting legs into the ground. Rather than lug the cement mixer down from the barn, he mixed it with a spade and a wheelbarrow, the hard way.
We've laid out some weed- suppressing geotextile and stapled it to the frame, to stop the grass rooting and the ferns pushing through, hopefully.