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12th October 2012
Fauna and flora
My brother's little kitties are doing fine, growing quickly and just starting to scamper about. Mother cat Indiana is proving to be a good mum, constantly hungry and protective, but still purrs at the slightly touch.
Who could fail to love these little scraps?
We gave a carrotty treat to a lonely donkey, currently living in a field just down the lane from our house. He's very placid, and did enjoy the veg, with much chomping and slobbering.
The recent deluge has turned the lawns at home from crispy brown to lush green, causing Tony to get the mower out, the first time for what seems like months.

The wet has also raised a multitude of gorgeous mushrooms, all around the garden.
She patiently tolerates them climbing all over her, sitting on her head, rummaging about for milk, sticking in their incredibly sharp claws... she just takes it all with serenity.
Nom, nom, home-made pizza for dinner. Roger, look - we used the platter you made for me!
We don't trust these to be edible, but it's still good to see them... before they get mown down to mush.