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24th September 2012
Chilling Installations
So we've made space in the utility area at the back of the garage for our new fridge - it also has a small freezer compartment, very handy for all those tomatoes we sauced and froze for winter meals. And within minutes it's full of cans, bottles of cassis and cordials, beers, fizzy water and apple juice. Fantastic. And there's now space in the kitchen fridge to be able to FIND things!
While I was away, the new bargain fridge had been delivered! Reduced from 430€ to 299€ at Leclerc - well spotted! One standard fridge is OK for normal use, but as soon as you invite people over, there's nowhere to put the drinks to chill, or the prepared dishes or the cheesecake that the guests bring!
Pizza mirth. Hadn't been to the Dent de Loup pizzeria in Le Dorat for AGES! So, since a nice surprise appeared (unexpected royalties!) we celebrated with Polly and Colin over a pizza and french fries and a small quantity of rosé. As you can see, we did enjoy the evening.
All this caused the old freezer to be moved to the farthest corner, and the hoover to be stowed against the wall, and a hook added to hang the ironing board up, and the rack repositioned for the iron.
And the butternut squashes now live where the old bottles were on the racks.
So all in all, a good sort out and reorganisation. It does your head good!
The house is now 6 years old. The exterior wood treatment is overdue!
Tony prepared by sanding it, I painstakingly repainted all the shutters (14), garage doors (4 panels) and fascias and soffits all around the house. Took 3 days, made my neck ache, but it looks fab now.